So today I’ll be happy…

Which is to say I’m stepping off my soapbox for just a sec. Because a person with a disability is a person first, right? And I do think of things other than disability rights and civil wrongs. Today I am thinking of things that make me happy. Of course, my family and friends, specifically my daughter, who not only see me through everything but seem to think I’m pretty nifty as well make me happy beyond words, but then there are little things that I love.

Like my cat. Or coffee. And David Tennant (ok, I don’t love him much, but- anyway) And Emergency! Which means I love Randolph Mantooth. Now, for anyone who isn’t old like me, Emergency! was a TV show in the 70s about paramedics in the LA fire department. Except until the 1970s, there were no such things as paramedics. The show was actually responsible for cities starting their own paramedic programs. I like it because it’s kinda cheesy in that 70s way and the two leads had a bromance before bromance was invented, and I had an elementary school girl crush on Randolph Mantooth (I started young) I did think pyromaniacs must have loved to work on that show.

I’ve been listening to my daughter’s music mostly- All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. Not that I can’t listen to them, because I do, over and over (and I like it) But I also listen to Billie Holliday and the soundtrack to Supernatural. The song “Americana” is so simply beautiful, it does echo “Simple Gifts“.

I’d like to say I’m reading something now, but I’m not. I am reading a lot online about euthanasia (NJ is considering it) and organ donation. I started this because I am writing a screenplay, and I’m happy about that too. The two female leads are disabled, and if it were ever produced, I would want REAL disabled women to play them. (When is the last time you saw a real physically disabled woman on film or TV? Don’t strain yourself. Just admit it doesn’t happen)

The weather recently has made me smile. I read a story about a dog up a tree. You take moments where you ca. I guess that is the secret to life. My daughter just called and asked me “So, we can meet at 9:00 for Jobs?” She had to repeat it to me like three times because I don’t have a job interview and she is not allowed to have one. She of course was talking about the movie. Which I’m very happy to go to.



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