Why I Hate Talk Shows

I’m watching “Katie” right now. I shouldn’t. Really, I shouldn’t. It’s a repeat about heroin addiction, but they keep hammering home how awful those pain pills are. And here she is folks- the woman who had a long-term back injury and was prescribed oxycontin and got on the doctor prescribing merry-go-round. You know the one. She went to this one for Oxy and tis one for Doulotin and this one for more Oxy and this is somehow the doctors fault? No one ever mentions people who are in pain who are responsible and who need these helpful drugs. Now if you use these medications responsibly, we are would-be addicts. I know, I’ve been called an addict already I would gladly stop taking these God awful pills that do nothing for me if you take my pain away from me.

It’s not like we would show up on the talk shows (unless we are victims of a bombing, bizarre car crash, or have to bite off our own arm). Dr. Phil, Katie and the rest of them will deal with all sorts of behavior unbecoming, but a show on physical disabilities, no. Which is too bad, considering. Talk about kids in Florida stuck in nursing homes. They’re cute. Talk about euthanasia. Go on Dr. Phil, you’re from Texas– they like killing everyone there. (I’m just talking about the people on death row- the ones with an IQ of 70) Even talk about the spate of locking people up in basements for their Social Security Checks. What does that say about us that it wasn’t even a hate crime- and nobody cares?



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